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Henry Waxman & Barbara Boxer allegedly provided diplomatic
letters to allow $600,000 in 'aid' to reach insurgents in Fallujah, Iraq
Shocking revelations in the Daily Caller today disclose that Senator Barbara Boxer and  Congressman Henry Waxman both provided diplomatic facilities to enable "radical antiwar activists" to "cross the Iraqi-Jordanian border in order to deliver aid to families of enemy insurgents in the war-ridden Iraqi city of Fallujah" according to an op-ed article written by political advisor and commentator Chris Garcia.

Garcia cited Robert "Buzz" Patterson's new book, 'Conduct Unbecoming' as the source of the dynamite allegations that Boxer and Waxman were central to ensuring that the anti-war activists would be able to complete their mission. In his book Patterson claims that the anti-war activists "delivered more than $600,000 in cash" to the insurgents in Fallujah in December 2004.

The delivery of aid and comfort by the US anti-war activists was hailed by Islam Online, who noted that "had it not been for the help of the two congressmen" the 'aid' would not "have been seen the light due to obstacles laid by the Pentagon."

(Screen capture from Islam Online, January 2005)
 Whether Boxer or Waxman knew that Dollars, not diapers, would be delivered into the hands of a murderous enemy that was desperate for cash to purchase I.E.D.s and firearms to kill US Servicemen, is not clear. However, supplying any form of aid and comfort to the enemy must surely raise questions as to the judgment and motives of Boxer and Waxman.

Both Boxer and Waxman are campaigning to be re-elected in the November 2010 mid-term elections, and would probably prefer not to have to explain why they appear to have been central to assisting in the delivery of aid and comfort to the enemy. Thus far, however, neither Boxer nor Waxman have issued any statement denying the allegations in Patterson's book, which was released on September 6, 2010.

It is understood that copies of the damning letters have been obtained, however, the allegations in Patterson's book nevertheless appear to be corroborated by the statements of Islam Online. Those statements were made 5 years ago, and were equally not refuted by Boxer or Waxman.

It must be remembered that, in 2005, the focus of the democrat party was to cause the maximum embarrassment to the Bush Administration, and thus the actions of Boxer and Waxman would have been favorably received by partisans. The goal was to take back the White House, and it seems that even allowing the enemy to obtain aid and comfort was 'fair game.'

There is no doubt whatsoever that the damning allegations in Patterson's book, coupled with Garcia's op-ed today, will have been noticed by Boxer and Waxman. Their government-issued Blackberries were probably abuzz today with anxious questions from democrats who must be shocked, disappointed and disgusted at the roles played by Boxer and Waxman in the betrayal of those brave US Servicemen who perished in the service of their country.

Is it coincidental, then, that the Islam Online article:

that hailed Boxer and Waxman as instrumental in thwarting Pentagon efforts to deny aid and comfort to the enemy in 2005, and that was still viewable online yesterday, was somehow unavailable today?

(Islam Online's 2005 article naming Boxer and Waxman as central figures in facilitating the supply of
aid and comfort to insurgents in Fallujah, was "unavailable" today.)
Fortunately, a screen shoot of the article was taken in anticipation of an attempt to cover up the extent of Boxer and Waxman's activities, and will be provided to the authorities to assist in any investigation into what Boxer and Waxman did, what they knew, and when they knew it.
(A full printout of the Islam Online article naming Boxer and Waxman has
been preserved should it be required as evidence in an investigation)
The title of Patterson's book, 'Conduct Unbecoming,' seems to be an appropriate summation of Boxer and Waxman's involvement in this, perhaps the most shameful and un-American form of partisanship, where it seems that anything goes, even aiding the enemy.

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  1. Impeach Boxer! Impeach Waxman! They are traitors. What they have done looks like high crimes and misdemeanors to me.


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